Wedge Networks offers both premises-based and cloud-based product lines to support the diverse security requirements of our customers. Wedge’s approach to product development is based on three pillars of innovation:



Wedge’s solutions operate at the network layer, which requires the ability to inspect traffic in motion, with imperceptible latency.

Wedge has focused our innovation resources on developing the world’s highest performing, real-time inspection engines to enable the industry’s best performing network layer security solutions. These inspection engines are natively virtualized to support orchestration with superior performance, while operating on commercial-off-the-shelf servers.



Rapid innovation in today’s environment is all about embracing open architectures and the innovations of others.

Rather than re-inventing wheels, Wedge has focused our energy on identifying and collaborating with other best-in-class innovators to virtualize, integrate and orchestrate their technologies in combination with our own. This approach enables Wedge to bring maximum value to our customers in the form of superior performing products, with an EverGreen™ security construct. The result is the ability to leverage cutting edge innovations of compute systems and security innovations from the global security industry.



It’s not just what you do, but also how you do it!

Wedge’s commitment to virtualization of world-class inspection engines and collaboration with global security and compute innovators provides us with all the right stuff for compelling products. However, what really sets Wedge’s products apart from all others is our fundamental commitment to orchestrating these technologies in harmony to producing a symphony of security. The result is the proverbial synergies that yield a product which is far more powerful and compelling that just the sum of its parts, kind of like many of Beethoven’s finest works.


These innovation philosophies are manifested in three primary product lines:


Wedge Cloud Network Defense™

Wedge Cloud Network Defense™ (WedgeCND) is our historic flagship product which has received numerous industry awards and recognitions, and been successfully deployed by customers globally. WedgeCND is a 100% virtualized security platform running as an application in the customer’s private cloud or a public cloud.

Traffic is routed through the cloud as part of the data flow to and from the customer’s data center, where WedgeCND applies customer defined security policies to data in motion. WedgeCND is the ideal security platform for customers who have embraced the cloud and cloud technologies for their operations and security.


Wedge Absolute Real-time Protection™ Series

Wedge Absolute Real-time Protection™ (WedgeARP) Series is our newest product family. While WedgeARP is in some ways a simple repackaging of our tried and proven WedgeCND software however, it also introduces new application specific packaging and some new technologies. WedgeARP is also 100% virtualized and is available for deployment as a virtual machine (VM) or an appliance. The appliance version is comprised of a standard high-performance x86 server that is pre-loaded with the VM software to provide the convenience and deterministic performance of a conventional appliance.

WedgeARP is deployed at the customer’s premises, sitting inline with the flow of data to and from the customer’s enterprise or datacenter locations. A series of different WedgeARP products are in development to support a range of applications.

WedgeARP is the ideal security platform for customers that prefer to deploy premises-based security systems that can be centrally orchestrated.


WedgeIQ™ Threat Intelligence

WedgeIQ™ is virtualized threat analytics and intelligence engine. WedgeIQ is provided as an orchestrated feature as part of WedgeARP and WedgeCND systems.

WedgeIQ rolls up and analyzes the traffic data and threat event data collected from WedgeARP and WedgeCND systems operating across the network to provide intuitive insights and actionable intelligence of the network-wide threat landscape.

WedgeIQ provides the perfect complement to existing SIEMs and provides a powerful threat intelligence resource for those without a SIEM.