Wedge Networks offers solutions to support a wide range of security initiatives. Our open, collaborative approach to security solutions allows us to rapidly combine best-in-class security technologies and functions developed by Wedge and other industry leaders.

Our commitment to orchestrating these security functions in combination with our world-class inspection and orchestration engines allow our solutions to easily and rapidly evolve and expand to support an ever changing and increasing scope of requirements.

Customers can address key initiatives using WedgeARP VMs or Appliances, or WedgeCND for cloud-based solutions. As an established and broadly deployed security platform, WedgeCND supports the majority of the following security initiatives today. As a newly introduced product series, WedgeARP currently supports a subset of these initiatives, and will expand in supported scope to address more very soon.

The following provides a brief overview of support for key initiatives, current availability for support via WedgeARP and WedgeCND, and links to additional information.

Advanced Threat Prevention

New advanced threats are proving too difficult to reliably detect and block in real-time using conventional security approaches. Wedge Networks has pioneered the orchestration of cutting edge artificial intelligence in concert with other proven technologies to detect and block these and other more conventional threats at the network layer, in real-time, including threats which evade detection by other systems.

Simply stated, Wedge offers advanced threat prevention solutions with the highest threat prevention accuracy and the highest network performance currently available in the industry.


Ransomware has become one of the fastest growing threat types in the industry. The ability of ransomware to lock down networks and freeze access to critical data has also made the prevention of this threat a critical initiative for enterprises globally. Wedge Networks offers solutions that detect and block the viruses and malware that facilitate ransomware, in real-time. Our solutions also detect and block the propagation of ransomware related Command and Control communications to prevent ransomware from becoming activated.

Web Security

The internet is a critical life link to you customers and your business operations. It’s also a gateway through which viruses and malware can enter your network. Wedge Networks offers solutions which combine real-time deep content inspection with multiple layers of anti-malware, URL filtering and behavioral analytics to inspect and secure both inbound and outbound web communications.

Email Security

Email and messaging are vital for today’s businesses. However, they are subject to spam, phishing, and botnet propagation; resulting in data loss, IP blacklisting, loss of productivity and wasted network capacity. Wedge Networks email security solutions combine real-time intelligence of over 2 billion sensors world-wide with behavioral analysis and deep content inspection to secure against all messaging threats. Wedge email security solutions support basic to complex network configurations with transparent (non-MTA), two-way protection.




Compliance initiatives may span from blocking web access to inappropriate content from a school or single enterprise location to enforcing government mandated policies on nationwide networks. They may also range from providing safe web searching services to preventing the outbound dissemination of health records, financial records, or personally identifiable information. Wedge Networks offers solutions leveraging our leadership in real-time deep content inspection orchestrated in concert with other security functions to satisfy even the most demanding compliance initiatives.

Endpoint Security

Wedge Networks facilitates endpoint security with solutions operating at the network level, adding additional layers of protection to endpoints running local security technologies, and providing primary protection for all other devices. This network level approach to endpoint security provides critically needed coverage of mobile devices, tablets, Internet of Things (IoT), and bring your own devices (BYOD) to maximize security and flexibility.

Mobile Security

Wedge Networks provides solutions to secure the usage of mobile devices, solving the issues of phishing, malware, network abuse, and blended attacks within your network, or while roaming. Solutions are available to facilitate mobile security at the enterprise level, and for mobile operators seeking to offer mobile security from their networks as a value-added Security-as-a-Service.

IoT Security

The Internet of Things is here. Highlighted by smart robots, smart televisions, smart health monitors, smart door locks, and more. Whether by cable or Bluetooth or WiFi, nearly everything is interconnected, perhaps to smart phone, perhaps to a cloud service. From a consumer or business customer perspective, the Internet of Things is convenient and appealing. It’s also not inherently safe, not as it exists today. Wedge Networks provides security solutions that empowers enterprises to leverage the innovation and efficiencies of the Internet of Things with safe and secure network operations.



Data Center / IaaS

Data center servers and virtualized Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) resources are often targets of attack by cyber criminals and hardened activists. Wedge Networks provides security solutions to support servers located at the enterprise, in data centers, or provided as virtual data center resource.

Outbound Spam and IP Blacklisting Prevention

Cyber attackers frequently leverage botnets and compromised accounts to send outbound spam through your messaging infrastructure and network. These outbreaks can congest networks with unproductive traffic and result in IP blacklisting of your IP address. Wedge Networks offers massively scalable messaging security solutions to prevent outbound spam, phishing and malware within your network to protect legitimate senders sharing the same IP address from blacklisting.

National Cyber Security

Cyber threats are rapidly becoming one of the most serious economic and national security challenges facing many governments. Wedge Networks offers national cyber security solutions to satisfy a diverse range of government security initiatives on a national network scale, providing distributed systems with centralized control, and multi-tenant operations enabling multiple agencies to operate independently and collaborate as required. Wedge’s commitment to an open, orchestrated approach to security provides unique capabilities to satisfy the most challenging requirements for national security.