Wedge offers in-line, real-time security solutions to satisfy the diverse requirements of our customers.

Our approach to scalable, orchestrated security empowers us to provide optimized solutions to support the needs of Enterprises, Small-Medium Businesses, Service Providers, and Government agencies. 

Recognizing both the drivers and constraints of moving to the cloud, Wedge solutions are available to deliver security from the cloud, or enforce security policies in the local network. We have also pioneered the development of cloud-based multi-tenant security solutions to provide a platform for the delivery of Security-as-a-Service by service providers.



And of course, our solutions address a wide range of potential security initiatives ranging from the real-time prevention of advanced threats, to web filtering, IoT, mobility, Security-as-a-Service, and more.

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Wedge long ago embraced the industry shift toward virtualization, orchestration, and the cloud. All of our software was architected and written to run in those environments with optimal performance. However, we also recognize that many factors will play a role in determining when or in some cases if specific customers will adopt these approaches for their security systems. So we’ve packaged our virtualized solutions in the form of appliances, virtual machines, and software to run in an elastic cloud compute environment. This packaging flexibility allows our solutions to deployed in the following implementations:

Network-Based Security
Cloud-Based Security
SECaaS for MSSPs


Wedge’s approach of embracing the innovation of other technology leaders in the security space, and orchestrating these technologies in conjunction with our own allows our solutions to address a diverse range of use cases and security initiatives. Please explore the following to learn how Wedge’s solutions may address your specific security initiatives.

• Threat Prevention
• Ransomware
• Web Security 
• Email Security
• Compliance
• Endpoint Security
• Mobile Security
• IoT Security
• Data Center / IaaS Security
• Outbound Messaging Security for Service Providers
• National Cyber Security


Wedge offers a variety of security solutions to satisfy the diverse needs of customers across varying industries and market segments. Please explore the following to learn more about the varying solution approaches that Wedge Networks offers for different customers in different industries and market segments:

Small-Medium Businesses
Service Providers 
Government Agencies