WedgeARP™ Series

(Absolute Real-time Protection)

The Wedge Absolute Real-time Protection™ Series (WedgeARP) sets new industry benchmarks for performance and EverGreen Security™ with a family of virtualized and self orchestrated products to protect your network in real-time, with unbounded innovation.


WedgeARP Overview

WedgeARP reflects Wedge Networks’ commitment to providing superior security solutions based on the principles of inspection, collaboration, and orchestration. Each WedgeARP product is designed to address critical solution requirements and to do so with superior performance, operating at the security equivalent of warp speed!

WedgeARP products are natively virtualized, meaning the products and underlying software and software architectures were originally conceived and developed embracing the principles of virtualization, commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) hardware, and orchestration. The result is a family of products available in the form of VMs or appliances consisting of x86 servers that are preloaded with VM software to support specific security needs with superior performance.

The virtualized nature of WedgeARP breaks the conventional industry shackles of proprietary hardware, to free WedgeARP to run on any COTS server technology for unbounded capacity potential. The open, orchestrated nature of WedgeARP provides a framework for the rapid integration and support of new security technologies from a global community of innovators to evolve functionally to support future requirements. The result is a family of virtualized products supporting unbounded potential delivering EverGreen Security™.


How WedgeARP Works

At the heart of WedgeARP is Wedge’s patented Security Orchestrator (WedgeSO™). WedgeSO is the proverbial warp drive of the WedgeARP series. WedgeARP virtual or physical appliances are placed inline with the flow of traffic entering and leaving the enterprise network, datacenter, or partitioned sub network to inspect and secure data in motion.

As traffic flows, the WedgeSO engine inspects packets and packet payloads, and reconstructs the full file content in real-time using a combination of deep packet inspection (DPI) and deep content inspection (DCI). The content is then scanned and analyzed with a series of virtualized network security functions which are subscribed to separately to provide specific security services. This real-time visibility to packets and fully reconstructed content sets the stage for accurate detection and blocking of conventional and advanced threats, as well as enforcement of specified security policies.



WedgeSO’s onboard orchestrator service chains the flow of content through multiple virtualized network functions, each of which may be comprised of a single or numerous instances to support the parallel processing with maximum performance. The orchestrator also monitors the work loads and dynamically allocates and manages the available pool of x86 server memory and compute resources to sustain optimal performance with maximum efficiency.

WedgeSO also applies multiple patented techniques to process security services with industry leading security performance and scale to maximize security and network performance.


WedgeARP Product Series

WedgeARP represents a new family of products available from Wedge Networks. A portfolio of different products is planned and in process. The first available product in the series is the WedgeARP Advanced Malware Blocker™.


WedgeARP Advanced Malware Blocker™ Overview 

Advanced threats have become so evasive that conventional anti-virus and anti-malware technologies have proven to be insufficient. Wedge Advanced Malware Blocker™ (WedgeAMB™) delivers the most effective, real-time, network level malware prevention available. It blocks conventional and advanced viruses and malware, including those that currently pass through industry leading next generation firewalls and intrusion prevention systems. It also provides actionable threat intelligence of the network-wide threat landscape to focus limited resources on the most critical threats.


Wedge Malware Analyzer™ 

With an average of more than 1 million new and customized variants of malware produced daily, many of the threats blocked by WedgeAMB have not yet been executed, characterized, and published by third parties. Wedge Malware Analyzer™ (WedgeMA™) is an optional cloud-based service which automatically detonates and evaluates web pages and files that are blocked by WedgeAMB and marked as suspicious, but are unconfirmed as malware. WedgeMA provides security operations teams with detailed reports which characterize the observed actions and probable intended behaviours of new malware for increased threat intelligence. It also identifies false positives and updates the database to enable safe files and web pages to be immediately accessed for future requests.


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