Our Team


James Hamilton, Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Hamilton has more than 25 years of leadership experience in senior executive roles across many highly successful high-tech companies. As Wedge Networks CEO, he brings proven success at building and leading high-potential, high growth companies from startup to IPO and often through acquisition. Mr. Hamilton was the CEO of Tipping Point, the renowned market leader in Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS).  Mr. Hamilton was also president of Click Security, and president of Efficient Networks, which also achieved a highly successful IPO and was later acquired by Siemens. He has also held various senior sales roles with multiple companies; most recently as SVP of worldwide sales and field operations at Cyan, Inc..  Mr. Hamilton is also the president of Valletta Capital, LLC and is active in multiple venture capital, corporate, and charitable boards.

Hongwen Zhang, Chief Technical Officer

Dr. Zhang is a co-founder of Wedge Networks. As Chief Technical Officer, he is instrumental in developing Wedge’s high performance security platform. Dr. Zhang holds a Ph.D in Computer Science from the University of Calgary; an M.Sc in Computer Engineering from the Institute of Computer Technology of Chinese Academy of Sciences, and a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from Fudan University. With more than two decades of high-tech leadership experience, Dr. Zhang is a co-inventor and holder of several patents in the area of computing and networking. Prior to establishing Wedge Networks, he was a co-founder of the 24C Group Inc., which pioneered the first digital receipts infrastructure for secure electronic commerce. Dr. Zhang was previously principal of Servidium Inc., now ThoughtWorks Canada Inc., a global leader in agile development methodology. A speaker and writer on subjects of cloud, networking, and IT security issues and trends, Dr. Zhang chairs the Security Working Group and is a member of the board of directors of Open Cloud Connect, a global cloud computing consortium of leading network service providers and technology vendors.

Scott Bauer, Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Bauer has more than 20 years of financial leadership experience with both private and publicly traded companies in high-tech and financial accounting services. Formerly the CFO, and vice president of finance for Cyan, which achieved a successful IPO and was later acquired by Ciena, Mr. Bauer brings proven financial leadership experience at scaling high-tech companies from early stage startup to IPO and acquisition. He was previously the CFO for Yipes Enterprise Services, vice president of finance for Ask Jeeves, acquired by IAC Search & Media, and part of the management team at Arthur Andersen. Mr. Bauer’s diverse background in financial operations, mergers and acquisitions, business development, international operations and securities offerings will allow him to guide Wedge Networks as the company continues to grow and expand.

Steven Chappell, Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing & Chief Operations Officer

Mr. Chappell has more than 25 years of experience in building and leading high-tech organizations worldwide. Mr. Chappell brings proven success in leading innovative companies ranging from small startup opportunities such as, Critical Watch (President and COO), Picazo Communications and Strix Systems (where he held the position of vice president worldwide sales for each) to global fast growing security and technology leaders TippingPoint Technologies (vice president worldwide sales), Riverbed Technology (vice president worldwide channel sales), Intel (vice president business development). With this background, he also brings partnership, acquisition and IPO knowledge from helping build the successes of Picazo and TippingPoint. Mr. Chappell has orchestrated strategic partnerships with leading security and technology companies in all markets worldwide.

Husam Kinawi, Chief Scientist

Dr. Kinawi is a co-founder of Wedge Networks and has a Ph.D and Master of Science in Computer Science from the Universities of Calgary, Canada and London, UK. Within his role at Wedge Networks as Chief Scientist, Dr. Kinawi works with Wedge’s customers, R&D and engineering teams to cater to customer requirements and demands while ensuring that the company’s product and IP portfolio is continually updated and relevant within the fast moving security industry. Prior to Wedge Networks, Dr. Kinawi also co-founded Mpower Technologies Inc., a wireless telecommunications software company, in 1997 and ActiveIq.com (NASDAQ: AIQT), a Boston-based e-Business applications firm, in 1999. Dr. Kinawi is an innovator with more than 17 years of research and development experience working with industry leaders such as Newbridge (Alcatel), Siemens, United Technologies, and Apple in the areas of distributed information systems, embedded applications and wireless Internet solutions. Dr. Kinawi has been a guest speaker at numerous major conferences, published several research papers and is the holder of multiple patents in the area of mobile and wireless devices. Dr. Kinawi also plays an active role in mentoring technology startups and recently lent his experience as a Director for Trusted Positioning, a pioneer in infrastructure-less, indoor positioning technology, from its inception to its successful acquisition by InvenSense Inc. (NYSE: INVN).

Frank Wiener, Vice President of Marketing

Mr. Wiener has more than 25 years of marketing and business leadership experience in growing and scaling companies from early stage startup through to IPO, and large profitable global businesses. Prior to joining Wedge Networks, he led the full spectrum of corporate and product marketing for multiple highly successful companies including Cyan (IPO, acquired by Ciena), Calix (IPO), and Paradyne (IPO, acquired by Zhone). He also frequently expanded into broader roles to support strategic corporate objectives, such as leading product development (engineering and PLM), global expansion (launching international channel programs), and extensive business development roles (licensing key technologies and forming ecosystem partnerships) providing compelling solution differentiation. His diverse experiences while working at Nortel, Paradyne, AT&T Paradyne, Calix, Cyan, Ciena and Wedge Networks, with technologies such as SDN/NFV orchestration, networking, metro/regional transport, wireless, broadband, security, and cloud-based SaaS, provide an expansive foundation for understanding and communicating how technology can be applied to solve a wide range of customer needs.

Hussein Amery, Vice President of Business Development

Dr. Amery is Wedge Networks’ Vice President of Business Development. Dr. Amery has more than 25 years of experience building business in different industries – oil and gas, real estate development, finance and IT. Dr. Amery’s most recent position was the VP Operations for a publicly-traded managed Internet services provider (Fatport, a division of Skyboard Media). Prior to that, Dr. Amery was a founding director of Ittihad Capital Corp., a boutique finance and leasing corporation. Dr. Amery completed his undergraduate education in Canada and his post-graduate education in California, earning a doctorate in psychology. While not working, Dr. Amery volunteers his time extensively to local and international charitable and non-profit organizations.