Solution Implementations

Wedge Networks security systems are revolutionary and unique in part because they were originally developed around the paradigms of virtualization, orchestration, and cloud computing. While conventional security vendors have focused on optimizing system performance by using customized ASICs, FPGAs, and other proprietary hardware-centric techniques, Wedge has focused exclusively on the delivery of scalable, high-performance solutions that run on commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) hardware or cloud compute platforms.

The beauty of this approach is that we’ve been able to create products and solutions that can be deployed as pre-configured appliances (consisting of Wedge’s VM software pre-loaded on standard x86 servers), as virtual machines (VM)s that can run on the customer’s standard x86 server, or as security applications software running on public or private cloud resources. The ability to have common system level software and security applications software running in all three environments yields tremendous flexibility for Wedge and our customers.

WedgeARP focuses on appliance- and VM-based configurations which provide targeted, well defined solutions, with well defined solution attributes, performance, and straight forward pricing. WedgeCND introduces the concept of an orchestrated threat management (OTM) platform which is dynamically configurable, virtually unlimited in scale, and is available with use-case optimized pricing, such as per-subscriber Security-as-a-Service subscriptions.

This packaging flexibility allows our solutions to deployed in the following implementations:

Network-Based Security 
Cloud-Based Security
SECaaS for MSSPs