Wedge Networks Brings Cloud Network Defense to the Global Market with CDMN

Soft Landing program helps Canadian companies go global

Calgary, December 15, 2015 — Wedge Networks ( will participate in the Canadian Digital Media Network’s (CDMN) Outbound Soft Landing program as part of the Winter 2015 cohort to help forge the partnerships and connections it needs for international expansion.

Wedge Networks enables internet service providers (ISPs) to tap into the explosive Cyber Security market by providing security services from the ISP clouds with minimal upfront investment and latency, thus protecting virtually unlimited computing devices.

Wedge is focused on Service Providers and Multi-Service Operators worldwide to offer Cloud-Based security services to their end-customers with the Wedge Cloud Network Defense™ product as it sees huge growth potential for these services on a global scale. We hope to make connections with both strategic partners and potential investors as we expand abroad.

“Demand for Cloud Network Defense, the world’s highest performance cloud security solution, has increased exponentially”, said Dr. Hongwen Zhang, CEO of Wedge Networks. "Wedge has been inundated with requests from large service providers around the globe and is having to greatly stretch its resources in order to keep up with this demand. The Soft Landing program has allowed Wedge to quicken the pace of its international expansion and to open additional doors for our product."

CDMN’s Soft Landing program helps mature startups and SMEs kickstart their international growth by helping them access a foreign market. For a period of up to three months, the participating company can take up residence in a partnered facility that provides the regional support required to help grow its business, as well as receiving up to $4,000 in travel and hotel costs.

“The Soft Landing program has already resulted in millions of dollars in new business and investment for our participating companies and generated more than a 30x return on CDMN’s investment of funds and resources,” said Avvey Peters, CDMN’s Managing Director. “International expansion is more important than ever as a driver of wealth and job creation for the Canadian economy. Our success to date demonstrates the tremendous impact that even a modest investment in global business development can have.”

The Outbound Soft Landing program runs three times a year and companies must meet a range of criteria, including having a technology product or service that is market ready and has foreign market potential. CDMN also operates an Inbound Soft Landing program for non-Canadian companies looking to break into the Canadian market. For more information, please visit Landing-program/overview/

About Wedge Networks

Wedge Networks™ is transforming the way security is delivered. Powered by the innovative WedgeOS&trade, Wedge Networks’ Cloud Network Defense™ platform is designed to combat the shifting threat landscape associated with cloud, mobility, Internet of Things and consumerization of IT. By embedding security within the network as an elastic, scalable service, it is the only cloud security solution to perform high-performance content inspection without requiring traffic to leave the network. The Wedge Platform™ is deployed globally, delivering security protection for tens of millions of users in Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, internet services providers, and across all industry verticals. Wedge Networks™ is headquartered in Calgary, Canada and has international offices in Dallas, USA; Beijing, China; and Manama, Bahrain.