Why LSO is the Next Big Thing

-Scott Raynovich, March 19, 2015 (Excerpts from sdxcentral.com)

"The MEF and the Rayno Report came up with a joint survey, known as "Emerging Dynamic 'Third Network' Services & the Role of LSO."  We received responses from more than 60 individuals at global service providers (the survey tool is still actively collecting data).  I did additional digging, interviewing two dozen operators and software and hardware vendors about what they want.  The results were compiled in my new report, "Service Provider Lifecycle Service Orchestration (LSO) Market Overview and Forecast."

The message is clear: Global Operators are ready for something new, and developing NFV and software defined networking (SDN) are going to drive the need for a new software management layer known as LSO."

"The findings were dramatic.  The results of the study and the report show that the service providers are indeed serious about building LSO systems.  To think of this market, think of a new open, standards-based management system that replaces the existing OSS, BSS, and network management markets.  This is exactly what the survey results indicated that service providers want.

Another interesting development is that there are a group of startup companies taking the concept of LSO and running with it - companies such as CENX, UBIqube, and Wedge Networks are developing new automated provisioning, orchestration, and fulfillment software that helps service providers roll out new enterprise B2B services such as Ethernet, IP-VPN, and virtual firewalls in a more efficient, automated way.  This is exactly the goal of LSO."  For the full article, visit sdxcentral.com.