Security As A Service Is No Longer Just A Liability

Video Feature Published on - June 11, 2015

The MEF vision of an agile, assured and orchestrated Third Network promises unlimited benefits for global business, but one of the first reassurances the market will need is a promise of more consistent security - as a service, not just as a band-aid.

Third Network News provides a video in which industry experts discuss new ways of thinking about network security that align with Third Network principles.  Included experts are:

  • Hongwen Zhang, CEO, Wedge Networks
  • Nan Chen, President, MEF
  • James Walker, President, OpenCloud Connect (formerly CloudEthernet Forum); VP of Managed Network Services, TATA Communications
  • Rob Ayoub, Research Director, NSS Labs
  • Iben Rodriguez, Principle Architect, Cloud and Virtualization, Spirent Communications

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