Enterprise Solutions

Enterprises today are increasingly targeted with both large volumes of generic attacks, and highly customized, targeted attacks. CISOs are chartered to prevent against these attacks and provide a safe and secure working environment for their employees, protection of intellectual property, and security of critical data for their customers, employees, and partners. And these objectives must be achieved while maintaining a reasonable level of flexibility for business innovation. Wedge offers multiple security solution options to address these objectives and more.

The Wedge Absolute Real-time Protection™ Series (WedgeARP, also referred to as the WARP Series) provides high-performance appliance or virtual machine (VM) configurations for fast and easy deployment at the enterprise premises. A WARP VM or appliance is deployed at each enterprise location, such as headquarters, regional office, branch offices, and data centers. Policies and threat analytics are centrally managed, with distributed WARP enforcement points.

Wedge Cloud Network Defense (WedgeCND) provides a cloud-based alternative implementation to inspect and apply security policies to data flowing to and from all enterprise locations and remote users connecting through the enterprise data center(s). WedgeCND runs as an application on top of data center cloud compute software such as OpenStack™, VMware™, or others.

Customers will choose between WARP and WedgeCND implementation options based on their preference for a more conventional distributed appliance or VM network-based solution or a cloud-based solution.

Enterprises will typically select Wedge’s security solutions due to a preference for superior security enforcement, with superior network performance, as well as flexible and customizable policies and solutions. Solutions are available with value-added features and attributes to service key vertical market needs.

  • Financial Services
  • Retail
  • Health
  • Higher Education
  • Lower Education
  • Electric / Utilities
  • Oil & Gas