Government Solutions

Government agencies are challenged to both protect their own networks and users, and to support more advanced capabilities to mitigate strategic threats targeting the country and its citizens. Wedge Absolute Real-time Protection (WedgeARP) and Wedge Cloud Network Defense (WedgeCND) support advanced capabilities that are critical to these security objectives.

Many Local and Regional Government agencies will be well served by WedgeARP, which provides industry leading threat protection for even the most advanced targeted threats, in simple to procure, deploy and support appliance or virtual machine (VM) configurations.

Larger government agencies with broadly distributed operations and those with multiple agencies that prefer to have levels of autonomous operations within a shared security solution may prefer WedgeCND. The unique ability to operate WedgeCND in an elastic scale, cloud compute environment, with multi-tenancy operations and control provides the rare opportunity to balance consistency of policies and practices with autonomous operations for separate departments and agencies. Additionally, the ability of WedgeCND to orchestrate a broader set of security and security related functions enables specialized and advanced capabilities to address the unique requirements of dealing with national security.