Network-Based (Premises) Implementations

Customers seeking locally implemented security solutions using an appliance or VM running on a customer supplied x86 server will be served with the WedgeARP Series of solutions. These systems are typically deployed at corporate headquarter locations, regional offices, branch-offices, and data centers. They may also be used to segment networks for certain security use cases.

WedgeARP VMs consist of the virtualized Wedge Security Orchestrator™ (WedgeSO), and one or more security application packs to support a defined set of services, functionality, and throughput. WedgeSO bundles the core operating system software, with Wedge’s patented virtualized deep content inspection (DCI) and deep packet inspection (DPI) engines, IPS functionality, an on-board security applications and resource orchestrator, and the WedgeIQ™ virtualized threat analytics engine.

WedgeARP appliances simply bundle WedgeSO, one or more security application packs, and an x86 server that has rated and approved for supporting a specified range of throughputs.

While appliance and VM packaging are critical for certain applications, threat detection accuracy and network performance are critical to maximizing security and network user satisfaction. WedgeARP solutions deliver superior threat detection accuracy, with performance that is comparable or superior to proprietary appliances, while operating on COTS hardware.

Achieving hardware independent accuracy and performance yields much more than just better economics. It lays the foundation for solutions to evolve without the dependency or constraints of proprietary hardware which are limited to the refresh cycles of each vendor. This is just one of multiple attributes enable Wedge to offer EverGreen™ security solutions, that support continuous innovation and solution evolution to support constantly evolving security requirements.