Security-as-a-Service (SECaaS) Implementations

Security-as-a-Service is projected to be one of the fastest growing markets in security. As threat frequency and complexity increase, the inability for consumers, SMBs, and smaller enterprises to build and maintain adequate defenses on their own will become more apparent. Service providers globally have tried a variety of approaches to provide security as a managed service offering, however the cost and complexity of historic approaches have resulted in limited customer adoption. Wedge Cloud Network Defense™ (WedgeCND) offers a revolutionary solution to satisfy the needs of service providers and subscribers.

Operating as a cloud based system WedgeCND supports the unique attributes that make it the ideal platform for delivering Security-as-a-Service:

  • Cloud-based operation, providing elastic scale for consistent and sustained high performance regardless of security workloads 
  • Multi-tenant operations, supporting the ability to autonomously support different subscribers on a common system with unique policies per subscriber 
  • Multi-tenant customer portal, providing a personalized portal for each subscriber to monitor, manage and generate valuable reports with personalized threat analytics

Cloud-Based Elastic Scale

The historic model of managed security services was to purchase, deploy, and manage dedicated security systems on a per-subscriber basis. This approach was required in part because this was the only way that a service provider could guarantee that the system effectiveness and performance would not be impacted by events or activities occurring with other subscribers running on the same platform.

WedgeCND’s ability to run in a cloud-compute environment, with elastic scaling, and patented techniques to assure constant and sustained high performance even under dramatically varying workloads is an essential capability for a shared Security-as-a-Service platform. This in turn yields dramatic financial and operational efficiencies which are required to make Security-as-a-Service compelling for service providers and subscribers alike.

Multi-tenant Operations

Envisioned and developed as a cloud-based solution, WedgeCND was developed with anticipation that large customers would require the ability to logically partition and manage security operations, and isolate the data and security results between different tenants or groups of tenants secured by a common security platform. This attribute is fundamental to enabling a single operational WedgeCND system to support large numbers of customers, allowing each to have uniquely defined policies and operations, without requiring unique or dedicated systems.

Multi-tenant Customer Portal

Another critical solution attribute for effective Security-as-a-Service delivery is the ability to each subscriber’s service administrator to go on-line and access a customer portal. WedgeCND provides this portal to allow customer self provisioning, activation, and control over their service. The portal also provides the critical user interface to allow subscribers to view the status of historic and real-time alerts, threat analytics, and view multi-dimensional network threat visualizations for insights into their own threat landscape. This type of resource is critical both to demonstrate the frequency of threats encountered on their network, threats blocked by the service, and the detection of threats originating from inside the customer’s network which may have been introduced through other means.

Collectively, these and other attributes of Cloud Network Defense provide the industry’s most advanced and scalable Security-as-a-Service platform.