Service Provider Solutions

Service providers are faced with both security challenges, and security opportunities and Wedge has solutions to help with both.

On the challenge side, service provider networks are increasingly impacted by threats targeting their networks, their customer’s networks, and customer’s infected devices which generate unproductive traffic and can trigger blacklisting.

On the opportunity side, broadband service providers, internet service providers, mobile service providers, data center service providers, infrastructure-as-a-service providers, and managed security service providers have a tremendous opportunity to provide Security-as-a-Service using Wedge’s revolutionary cloud-based approach.

Wedge Cloud Network Defense™ (WedgeCND) is the ideal security platform to address all of the above requirements for service providers. The ability to run WedgeCND in an elastic scale cloud compute environment provides unprecedented throughput capacity for even the most demanding network loads. WedgeCND’s support for multi-tenancy security operations and a multi-tenant customer portal makes the delivery of Security-as-a-Service simple, effective, and financially compelling for all parties.

Solutions are available to support the specialized needs of service providers globally, including providers of:

  • Broadband / ICP Services
  • Cable / MSO Services
  • Wireless Services
  • Internet Services
  • Data Center / IaaS Services
  • Managed Security Services