Small-Medium Business Solutions

More than 200 million small and medium sized businesses (SMBs) operate globally. They are critical and vibrant part of every thriving economy. Increasingly, these businesses rely on network connectivity to run their operations, and to sell to and support their customers. With this connectivity comes increased vulnerability. Securing SMBs is particularly challenging because most lack dedicated IT resources with expertise in security systems and best practices. These customers require more than security products, they require cloud-based security solutions from trusted partners.

Wedge provides the industry leading Security-as-a-Service platform, Wedge Cloud Network Defense™ (WedgeCND) to empower network operators and managed security service providers (MSSPs) to deliver the security SMBs need, with the simplicity and economics that they desire.

Wedge has been recognized by Gartner and others as a leader and innovator in the Security-as-a-Service solution space. Please refer to our Security-as-a-Service solution overview for more information.