WedgeOS Network Security Suite

Wedge Security Apps

Cloud Network Defense™ implements unified web, email, and mobile security embedded in the network as scalable, high performance security apps.  Simple, fine-granularity policy orchestration enables comprehensive, yet non-intrusive, inspection of desired user traffic across networks of any scale.  Cloud architecture enables easy provisioning of services for users with changes applied across the platform instantly. 


Web Security

Cloud Network Defense's™ layered security architecture combines Deep Content Inspection, inline-anti-malware, URL filtering and behavioural analytics for complete network traffic security.

URL Filtering

Cloud Network Defense™ enables organizations to effectively manage risk by controlling access to web content across users, groups, devices and locations.  URLs are filtered by global reputation against more than 280 million top-level domains spanning over 95 categories.  Users can set parameters such as time interval, special categories (PCI, XSS, SQL attacks) and key word patterns.


Leveraging best of breed AV signatures, Cloud Network Defense™ applies inline Anti-Malware to network traffic with Deep Content Inspection to prevent a wide array of attacks, like:

  • Advanced Threats
  • Web Threats
  • Trojans
  • Worms
  • Zero Hour
  • Targeted Attacks
  • Malware
  • Key Loggers
  • Viruses
  • Rootkits
  • Spyware
  • Bots
  • Malicious Apps
  • Blended Attacks

Advanced Threat Protection

Cloud Network Defense™ is multi-vectored and understands the intent of a “threat” by following all of the users’ traffic sessions across all applications / protocols.  Through content recognition learning takes place across a users’ sessions and protection is provided against security threats in real time.

Zero Day / Custom Malware Detection

Cloud Network Defense™ utilizes pattern matching, heuristic analysis and sandboxing to detect malicious intent in the MIME objects within the traffic streams.  By using these techniques and executing suspicious binary files in a sandbox, malicious content can be identified, even if the sample has never been previously observed.

Log Output Service

Cloud Network Defense™ seamlessly transmits event logs to your SIEM in real time in a variety of log formats.


Email Security

Cloud Network Defense™ combines real-time intelligence of over 2 billion sensors worldwide with behavioural analysis and Deep Content Inspection to secure against all messaging threats.

  • A complete solution to combat viruses, spam, IP blacklisting, spyware, phishing, message abuse, advanced threats and data loss.
  • Stops blended, multi-channel messaging attacks with a fully integrated solution over all web and email protocols.
  • Secures inbound and outbound email communication.
  • Email policy follows mobile users regardless of location.
  • Suspicious/Infected emails automatically quarantined.
  • Only transparent (non-MTA) two-way messaging security solution rapidly deploys into the most complex networks and data centers.
  • Prevent email-based data loss across all devices.


Data Leakage Protection (DLP)

Cloud Network Defense™ integrates DLP for data in motion across Web, Email, and Mobile Security, creating a defensive boundary around your critical data.  Cloud Network Defense™ DLP covers smartphones, tablets, and laptops - all with a single, global policy.  Inline enforcement inspects and protects both clear and encrypted content.

  • With the largest coverage of file formats and protocols for inspection across over 400+ file types and multiple protocols, Cloud Network Defense™ can see and understand more than any other solution on the market.
  • Highest accuracy with two-staged scan rapidly scanning streams and extracting suspicious content in linear time for more comprehensive evaluation logic, thus minimizing latencies.
  • Lower TCO for protecting unstructured data (i.e. corporate IP) by not relying on high cost re-classification of your data.
  • Built-in compliance support enables easy monitoring and enforcement compliance based on pre-loaded policies and reports.

Secures Data in All Applications

  • Web
  • HTML5
  • Games
  • Email
  • Mobile Apps
  • Social Networking
  • Mobile Payments
  • App Stores
  • Content on Demand


Mobile Security

Cloud Network Defense™ enables the secure usage of mobile devices, solving the issues of phishing, malware, network abuse, blended attacks within your network, or while roaming.

  • By sending all mobile traffic - browser and application - through the Cloud Network Defense™ platform and inspecting it in real time, this protects against malicious apps, browser exploits, cross-site scripting, phishing and other advanced threats.
  • Eliminate malicious attacks before they reach mobile devices with no impact on mobile functionality.
  • With full content scanning and inspection across all protocols, Cloud Network Defense™ provides complete protection against third-party services or applications, including both web-based services such as Gmail, and consumer applications such as Facebook and YouTube.