Network Content Partnership Program

Wedge Networks’ WedgeOS Network Content Services Partnership Program introduces the ability for third party software vendors to run their services on the industry’s most comprehensive platform for high performance Deep Content Inspection. With the introduction of the WedgeOS Open Service Bus, software vendors are now able to deploy their SDK’s onto the network through the award winning WedgeOS platform, immediately gaining full visibility into network traffic. This gives their products the ability to understand and manipulate content in real time, regardless of device, platform or OS.

Quickly take your solution to the market with the following benefits:

  • Take your solution to the network layer, without experiencing traditional deployment difficulties such as scalable performance, protocol complexity and topology transparency.
  • Expand your solution to new markets and verticals.
  • Utilizing the WedgeOS Open Service Bus ("OSB"), software vendors gain a range of deployment options, including appliance or virtualized delivery models.
  • Unified content inspection services can be enabled across all application protocols from a single platform.
  • Immediate access to the latest releases; keeping services up-to-date on the newest features and upgrades to the WedgeOS platform.
  • Optimized inline Deep Content Inspection that scales to 10 gbits and beyond.
  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership ("TCO") as a result of Stealth Routing - based on the transparent proxy stack - also enabled by plug-and-play network integration abilities.
  • WedgeOS delivers content visibility and security functions with carrier grade performance and reliability.

Wedge continues to enable the integration of additional services into the WedgeOS platform and is becoming the choice for elevating third-party services to the network. Other vendors now have access to the WedgeOS platform’s industry-leading performance, accuracy and integration.

Join Wedge as a WedgeOS Network Content Services Partnership Program Partner and see how the WedgeOS platform can give your organization the edge on your competitors!