WedgeAMB™ - Key Features and Benefits

WedgeAMB™ provides multiple key features which results in some compelling benefits.

WedgeAMB Features

Some key feature examples include:

  • Real-time, IPS functionality to block worms and other layer 3 threats
  • Real-time, Deep Content Inspection (DCI) to enforce content specific policies
  • Real-time, full content reconstruction to maximize scanning accuracy
  • Real-time, signature-based AV scanning of more than 100 million signatures to block conventional present day and recycled threats from the past
  • Real-time, heuristic-based AV scanning to block polymorphic threats and threat variants of similar or previously encountered threats
  • Real-time, artificial intelligence (AI) predictive malware prevention technology from Cylance© to block advanced threats, including highly customized, never before encountered threats
  • Native virtualization of all security functions and systems operations to support deployment as virtual machines (VMs) existing servers or appliances supporting the VM on commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) x86 servers with deterministic performance
  • Virtualized security orchestrator to facilitate the service chaining of the above features in concert with available compute and memory resources to achieve maximum performance from standard x86 servers
  • SubSonic Engine™ with machine learning algorithms and multiple patented techniques which achieve a 20x to 30x throughput improvement and consistent latency across varying workloads for superior throughput performance
  • GreenStream™ technology which uses trade secret techniques to achieve minimal latency across the content spectrum
  • WedgeIQ™ virtualized threat intelligence engine which collects and analyzes threat event data and traffic patterns across the network to provide actionable threat intelligence
  • EverGreen Security™ as a byproduct of embracing industry-wide hardware and software innovations through open architectures
  • Choice of 100 Mbps, 1 Gbps or 10 Gbps VM or appliance configurations to support the diversity of enterprise location requirements
  • Subscription licensing of all VM software providing the flexibility to subscribe to higher speeds or additional security applications as your security requirements evolve


WedgeAMB Benefits

The above features lead to the following WedgeAMB enabled benefits to maximize value and return on investment:

  • Advanced protection, blocking customized and unknown malware that evades real-time protection by other systems
  • Protecting all endpoints, including Bring Your Own Devices (BYOD) and Internet of Things (IoT) that connects to the enterprise network
  • Providing consistent, low latency throughput to achieve optimum network and applications performance
  • Offloading Anti-Malware and optionally SSL inspection from NGFW and other appliances to dramatically improve scale and performance, while eliminating upgrade expense and associated recurring AM fees
  • Exponentially reducing the traffic load and expense of subscription sandbox services by eliminating sandbox evaluation of all non-malware content and all confirmed malware content
  • Reducing the frequency of business disruptions, and expense of dispatching threat detection and remediation teams by eliminating threats before data is delivered
  • Supporting 100 Mbps, 1Gbps and 10 Gbps configurations deployed as VM or pre-configured appliances to satisfy diverse location requirements with common software and operations
  • The ability to continuously evolve your WedgeAMB to support higher system capacities as new x86 platforms emerge, and embrace new security innovations thanks to the open orchestrated software architecture
  • Providing overloaded security personnel with clear and actionable network-wide threat intelligence