Wedge Advanced Malware Blocker™

Enterprises globally are threatened by conventional as well as advanced zero-days, and targeted attacks. These attacks increasingly evade real-time detection by fragmented anti-malware initiatives distributed across firewalls, IPSs and proxy gateways. Simultaneously, the growing volumes of threat event data from multiple diverse products have increased the complexity and difficulty in identifying and mitigating attacks. Wedge Absolute Real-time Protection™ Series (WedgeARP) – Advanced Malware Blocker™ (AMB) mitigates these risks by detecting and blocking all malware at the network level, in real-time, with unrivaled accuracy, performance, and scale. It also analyzes threat event data across the entire network to provide intuitive and actionable threat intelligence.


Industry Leading Inspection and Security Apps

WedgeAMB is powered by the Wedge Security Orchestrator (WedgeSO™) engine, which uses multiple patented technologies to conduct inline, real-time deep packet and deep content inspection with superior visibility and speed. The onboard orchestrator enables full content reconstruction and analysis with a series of intrusion prevention system scans, signature-based scans, heuristic-based scans, and Cylance’s patented artificial intelligence virtualized engines. The result is the industry’s highest accuracy threat detection and blocking of known and unknown viruses, malware and advanced threats, with imperceptible latency, and industry leading scale.


Virtualized and Appliance Configurations for Deployment Flexibility

WedgeAMB is natively virtualized to provide industry leading performance when deployed as a virtual machine (VM), or as a pre-configured X86-based appliance. In many cases, larger networks with many remote branch offices may use VMs at some locations and appliances at others. In all cases, WedgeIQ™ analyzes threat event data across all WedgeAMBs to provide a consolidated and actionable view of the network-wide threat landscape.


Network-Wide Threat Intelligence and Analytics

The Wedge Security Orchestrator™ also includes WedgeIQ™, an onboard, virtualized threat intelligence and analytics engine. WedgeIQ rolls up network-wide visibility of packet flows and threats from all WedgeAMB systems to provide multi-dimensional threat vector visualizations indicating the origination, destination, frequency, and volume of network-wide threats over time. This visually rich and informative content renders complex data intuitive and actionable to enable security analysts to identify and take steps to mitigate the highest risk threats.

For more information, download the WedgeAMB Brochure